Damage & Liability

Claims for damages may relate to a wide range of situations. They are often associated with traffic accidents or accidents at work, at home or on sports grounds, but claims for damages due to defective products, professional errors or breach of contract also frequently occur. Leijnse Artz has extensive experience in assessing such liabilities and handling claims regarding personal injury, technical damage and pecuniary losses.
 Our Damage & Liability practice group specializes in liability concerning medical devices, medicinal products and other products, and in liability for medical conduct. We advise and represent leading international manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies in the case of claims for damages and product recalls relating to implants and other medical devices, medicinal products, foodstuff and cosmetic products. We also look after the interests of medical specialists, GPs, company physicians, medical advisors and other healthcare providers in the case of disciplinary and civil claims following complaints about medical conduct. We advise and assist employers in connection with work-related accidents and occupational diseases. Where possible, we also represent private individuals.

We also provide advice and offer second opinions on liability issues, the chance of successful litigation, and losses. We provide our clients with strategic advice if they are confronted with liability claims for damages with product recalls. We conduct negotiations with their counterparties on their behalf, draft settlement agreements to resolve disputes, and, if necessary, use legal remedies or conduct litigation.


Bart Leijnse

Bart Leijnse

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