This is who you are

You have a clear vision and are looking for a law firm that is up there with the best. A law firm whose lawyers display accurate judgment and expertise, dedication and accessibility. You expect creativity and guidance when it comes to thinking up and realising solutions.

So you require more than legal expertise alone, like all our clients, many of whom are corporations that lead the way nationally or internationally in a wide range of fields such as healthcare, life sciences, banking, the chemical and metal industries, commerce and transport, food, consumer goods, telecommunication, media and advertising, shipping, waste processing, construction, education, fashion, the professions, services to the community, art, culture and government.

This is who we are

Our experienced lawyers are team players offering a wide range of expert advice in their own particular fields, who have a proven track record of success. We are used to working at the highest level, often within an international context. We will always find a solution that will allow you to keep moving forward, even if that solution may not be the most obvious one on first consideration. Although the occasional conflict is unavoidable, we believe that there is often more to be gained from consensus.

This is what we do

Leijnse Artz operates a general practice and is able to assist companies and organisations with almost all their legal requirements. The power of our strategy and services is based on specialization and experience. We only do what we are good at. Only in this way can we be a reliable and very valuable partner.

We focus on preventing and resolving disputes. Preventing disputes goes far beyond simply drawing up contracts. We are often involved in an advisory capacity at a very early stage for the most divergent legal issues: from preparing a reorganization or implementing privacy legislation to addressing compliance issues. We do this not only to minimize risk, but also to identify chances and solutions and to sharpen objectives. We consider our ability to discern different perspectives to be our added value, and this also applies when a dispute has arisen. Litigation is just one instrument to resolve it, but it is an instrument we know how to use to great effect. Whatever the nature of the case, everything centres on finding the right strategy. And that is something our lawyers excel at.

This is how we do it

People are generally at their best when doing something they enjoy. And what they enjoy is usually something at which they excel. This also applies to us. Enjoying what we do leads to progress and creativity, to perspicacity and dedication, which means we look harder, think further and go on for longer. In short, it leads to better strategies and so to better results.

For us dedication also involves establishing long-lasting relationships with our clients. We will make an effort of getting to know you and of being involved in not just the successes you realise, but also any setbacks you may encounter. A thorough understanding of your business and needs enables us to be of strategic value. Leijnse Artz will quickly find optimal solutions, helping you to focus on and achieve your business objectives.